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2017-18 M&G Writers Lineup

Previewing our writers for the upcoming year

Vancouver Canucks v Calgary Flames - Game Four Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

Welcome to our preview of our writers for the upcoming season! We’ll provide some basic info and background of each member of our staff this year.

FlamesMM (Joined M&G: February 2015)

Hometown & Current City: Calgary AB - London ON

Favorite Flame of All Time: Jarome Iginla

Favorite Current Flame: Matthew Tkachuk

I fell in love with the Flames in the 2004 Cup run when I was still very young, and I’ve suffered ever since haha. I’m out in Ontario now for university and frankly I can’t really handle how cocky these Leaf fans have gotten. Hoping for another solid year from the Flames and that they can make noise in the playoffs to shut up fans of teams who can only win with #1 overall picks.

MarkParkinson14 (Joined M&G: October 2015)

Hometown & Current City: Taunton Massachusetts - Littleton Massachusetts

Favorite Flame of All Time: Mike Vernon

Favorite Current Flame: Mikael Backlund

I’m a card carrying member of the “jumped on the 89 Cup Run Bandwagon” when I was 13 years old. I loved hockey, but fell in love with the Flames that season, mostly due to Mike Vernon. Being a FAR AWAY fan was tough growing up, but I somehow made it work. Today it’s a lot easier and I watch probably 75 regular season games a year and when I can’t watch, I listen. I love writing here for you guys, even if you 100% disagree with what I put out there sometimes, but that’s part of the fun. I’m glad to be here, there’s great writers here and what’s better than being able to write about the Flames?

BizzleJ (Joined M&G: February 2016)

Hometown & Current City: Regina, SK - Red Deer, AB

Favorite Flame of All Time: Mike Vernon

Favorite Current Flame: Sean Monahan

I became interested in the Flames when I was a kid and my Grandma would send me all kinds of merch. She even went as far as getting me an autographed pennant (triangle-shaped flags from back in the day, for all you millennials). Of course the ‘89 Cup cemented my love even more but the ‘04 Cup, I mean robbery, was pretty much some of the best Flames hockey I have watched. Can’t wait to watch this season and the 2017 Stanley Cup win.

rushtheflamesfan (Joined M&G: March 2017)

Hometown & Current City: Calgary, AB

Favorite Flame of All Time: Jarome Iginla

Favorite Current Flame: Mark Giordano

In 2007, I had moved to Calgary from Dubai, where my primary sport was actually cricket. However, I began watching the Flames and hockey for that matter on a greater scale during the 2008-09 season, a time when the Flames were a relatively good team, and coached by Iron Mike Keenan. The thing I like most about the Flames is that they are not a star-studded team like Pittsburgh or Edmonton and yet, the compete level and work ethic of this team allows them to compete at a high level. This has been one of the hardest working teams in the league, and I absolutely love’em for that. Hopefully, this year will be our year!

samwell9 (Joined M&G: April 2016)

Hometown & Current City: Winnipeg, MB - Victoria, BC

Favourite Flame of All Time: Miikka Kiprusoff

Favourite Current Flame: T.J. Brodie

Growing up in Winnipeg, the Jets left when I was a toddler, so I had no geographical alliance. I picked the Flames when I was about 7 because I liked their logo and Jarome Iginla was an excellent player. I remember being convinced in 2004 that they were going to win Game 6 in the final, remembering the loss still hurts my heart.

One of my favourite all time games was the playoff game against San Jose in 2008, where they were down 3-0 just a couple of minutes in and Owen Nolan and Curtis Joseph led the Flames to a comeback victory.

Some of you have read my work this past year, where I wrote recaps, breaking news and opinion features. I will be writing in a reduced role this upcoming season due to academic and volunteer obligations, but I will still be around. I live in Canucks territory now, so I will be sure to have some laughs at the expense of the locals. You can also catch me on Twitter, praising Troy Brouwer, Adam Larsson and a variety of other subjects.

Renu Sahota (Joined M&G: Nov.2016)

Hometown & Current City: Calgary, AB

Favourite Flame of All Time: #14 Theo Fleury

Favourite Current Flame: I would get a #23 Sean Monahan jersey for sure.

In my grade 6 yearbook autobiography - i wrote "my favourite hockey team is the Calgary Flames, and my favourite player is #14 Theo Fleury" - but i also said that i wanted to be a police officer when i grow up, so ..

Born & raised in Cowtown. I love Sports, Science, History, Art, and stuff. Sometimes these guys at M&G let me write for them. Thanks for tuning in!

Hockeygoalieeeh (Joined in November of 2014)

Hometown and Current City: Parts unknown

Favourite Flame of All Time: Fred Brathwaite (don’t @ me)

Favourite Current Flame: Mikael Backlund

Signature Maneuver: Frog splash

Finisher: Greetings from Asbury Park


The pre-season kicks off on Monday with split-squad games against Edmonton!