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Brian McGrattan Is Back In Calgary

The Flames have brought Big Ern back, but in a different role than you're used to seeing him in.

Tampa Bay Lightning v Calgary Flames

Big Ern is back!.....and not in the role you'd expect. The veteran tough guy was added to the Flames organization as a member of the player development staff. McGrattan will help younger players out in the area of "player assistance."

"Big Ern" was always a fan favorite with his grit and no nonsense attitude that he exhibited during his 2 separate (4 years) stints with the Flames. The Hamilton, ONT product only had 15 points in 137 career games with the Flames, but he racked up an impressive 239 PIM in that time frame.

While being a tough guy has it's advantages, McGrattan was known for more than dropping the gloves. McGrattan was instrumental in helping Micheal Ferland get a grip on his alcohol addiction. McGrattan conquered his own demons and got sober back in 2008 and when Ferland needed help, he reached out and McGrattan was there for him. Between his on and off ice experiences, Brian McGrattan should do wonders to help younger Flames players come to grips with life in the NHL.