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Calgary Arena Deal Is Dead

It doesn't appear that the Flames will be getting a new arena anytime soon.

Anaheim Ducks v Calgary Flames - Game Three Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

The Flames announced today that they are no longer persuing a new arena with the city of Calgary.

So where does this leave the Flames? Well, for now in Calgary. This deal with the city and the Flames has been contentious to say the least. The Flames and Calgary's Mayor, Naheed Nenshi, have been trying to work on a deal to get the Flames a new arena in Victoria Park, but according to reports, it appears that area doesn't work for the Flames.

The Flames postured very hard the last time this issue arose in the media with Brian Burke saying the Flames would flat out move if they didn't get a new arena.

So, if the city and the Flames can't reach a deal, does this mean there's a chance the Flames could end up moving? Look, anything is possible, but you'd like to think the Flames and Calgary could work out a deal that is mutually beneficial for both parties. Cities and teams always flex their muscles when it comes time for new arenas. There's always the battle of "we are moving" and "we aren't budging" that most of the time can be resolved. I'm not an insider with Calgary's politics at all, but this seems a little more personal than most. Both the team and the city look like they have dug in their heels and appear to be ready for a long standoff.

The Flames play in the second oldest arena in the NHL with the Saddledome being built in 1983. Only the iconic Madison Square Garden in NYC is older (1968) than the Flames home barn. So yes, the Flames appear to be in line for a new arena. After Scotiabank, the next oldest arean is Honda Center in Anaheim which was built in 1993.

IF the Flames were to relocate you'd have to think Seattle would be the hot option. Seattle is DYING to add another pro sports team after losing the Supersonics to OKC. Seattle is a natural hockey market and it would keep a team in the Pacific with the same rivalries as Calgary. With all that said, the homer Flames fan in me says "no way" to a Flames move. The logical part of me is slightly nervous. If the NFL is proof of anything, teams WILL move if they don't get the stadium they are seeking. Hopefully the Flames and Calgary can work something out that will keep everyone happy and keep the Flames in Calgary for years to come. Then again, I'm an adult and fairy tale scenarios stopped being real many, many years ago.


IF the Flames were to relocate what would you do?

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  • 12%
    I'd root for whatever team they became, in whatever city they went to.
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  • 17%
    After sobbing uncontrollably, I'd find a new hockey team.
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  • 15%
    Hockey no bueno.
    (96 votes)
  • 54%
    Calm your pants, they aren't moving.
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