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Should The Flames Sign Jarome Iginla?

We get asked alot about Jarome Iginla and this writer says "no."

Calgary Flames v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images

As the NHL Free Agency period has settled down, a few big names are still without a team and one of those happens to be former Flames captain Jarome Iginla. The 40 year old and 20 year NHL vet is without a home as the 2017-18 season quickly approaches. We get a lot of "should the Flames bring Iggy back" questions and in my opinion the answer is "no."

First and foremost, Iginla is well into the back 9 of his career. Last season Iginla had 27pts in 80 games between the Avalanche and Kings. He looks slow and isn't the dominant force on the ice he used to be.....and that's understandable. He's 40 and given his mind and body to the game for over 20 years. He's not a top line winger for anyone anymore and that includes the young Flames.

Calgary would be better off using what they have on their current roster or fill what could be Iggy's spot on the roster with a young prospect like Mark Jankowski. I just don't see where he fits on Calgary’s roster and as a nostaglic move it doesn't work either.

Iginla always said he would leave to go to a contender and try to get that elusive Stanely Cup, but that hasn't worked out either. He botched the trade that, in the end, sent him to Pittsburgh instead of Boston. His best shot outside of the '04 Flames run was when he signed with Boston AFTER the Pittsburgh trade. But in the end the Bruins salary cap situation sent Iginla in search of a new home and he chose Colorado. So much for going for a chance at the Cup. His run with the Avs ended when he was traded to LA and low and behold, still no Stanley Cup.

So where does this leave Iggy? If he REALLY wants to win a Cup, it's not in Calgary. While the Flames are a playoff contending team, they are probably a few parts short of making a Cup run. His best shot would be on a bonafied Cup contender and as a role player at best, but those openings or phone calls don't appear to be happening.

Have we seen the last of Jarome Iginla in the NHL? I'm 60/40 on this one. You have to think there's a spot for him somewhere, but it's not with the Flames. If Calgary were to sign him to a one day deal so he could retire as a Calgary Flame, sure, I'm in on that. As for the Flames giving him a deal to come and play for Calgary, I say no. Iginla and the Flames had their time and as much as it pains me to say it, I don't want to see the Flames sign him just to sign him. It's not a good fit for either party and wouldn't help either group get to their ultimate goal: winning a Stanley Cup.

What are your thoughts?


Should the Flames sign Iggy?

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  • 37%
    Yes. He can help the Flames make a run.
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  • 15%
    No. He's old and not a good fit.
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  • 46%
    Only of it's to retire as a Flame.
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