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M&G Ask Us Anything: #1

You asked, we answered!

NHL: New York Rangers at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier in the week, we asked our fans on Facebook to leave us any questions they had about anything, whether it be Flames related or asking us what our favorite summer pastimes were. Needless to say we got a ton of great questions, and we’ll cover some of them in this roundtable piece.

Question 1:

FlamesMM: I know earlier this offseason I looked at the possibility of Tkachuk leaving the 3M line, and if Ferland struggles this could make some sense. Something that Monahan and Gaudreau are missing from their game is extra grit, which Tkachuk could bring. However then one of Gaudreau and Tkachuk are on their off wing, so I don’t see if happening. If anything I could see Kris Versteeg or even Sam Bennett getting a shot there before Tkachuk.

MarkParkinson14: I like Tkachuk where he is truth be told. I think Ferland has found his game and he adds some protection and toughness to a line that lacks that part of the game. The 3M line has zero issues with grit, but we've seen Gaudreau take some cheap hits and I think a guy like Ferland would slow some of that stuff down. Plus, it's hard to argue with the success that the 3M line had last season. The only downside would be if the league "figures out" Tkachuk, then maybe there will need to be some shuffling of the lines.

Question 2:

FlamesMM: The biggest variable in this question is whether or not Mike Smith can stay healthy this season. He’s had injury troubles recently, and it could very well happen again. If Smith is healthy and playing well, I could see him getting around 55 games. If he struggles, or Lack excels then I could see closer to a 50-50 split in playing time. Goaltending is such a wild card this upcoming season (again).

MarkParkinson14: Putting injuries aside, I think it comes down to who plays the best. The Flames have a playoff caliber team and if one starts out hot, you ride him. The Flames can't be worried about who's the #1 or #2. I've always been a fan of who's playing the best is who gets the nod. I don't care who makes what or who was brought in to the the top keeper. You win, you're in. I'm not a huge fan of either goalie, so this should be interesting to say the least.

Question 3:


MarkParkinson14: The Flames won't win in the Honda Centre until they learn to just go out there and play hockey. It sounds stupid and simple, but it's true. Calgary always gets dragged into a street fight with the Ducks and they can't win those style games. Anaheim keeps baiting the Flames and they always get the calls. It's up to the Flames to ignore all the crap the Ducks throw at them and just play their game. Until that happens the streak will continue.

Question 4:

FlamesMM: It’s either fresh raspberries out of the vegetable garden or chewing through a couple ears of delicious Taber corn when its in season

MarkParkinson14: Lobster. On anything. A roll. On top of steak. Lobster Benedict. Lobster ice cream (yes that's a real thing and it's as delicious as it sounds.) Lobster Newburgh. Lobster chowder. Lobster BLT. Lobster. Lobster. Lobster.