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2016-17 Report Card: Brian Elliott

It was a roller coaster year for Moose

Anaheim Ducks v Calgary Flames - Game Three Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

Brian Elliott (Goalie) - Midseason Grade: C+

Adjusted Fenwick Save Percentage (5v5) - .3
GSAA (5V5) - 2.4
Save Percentage (Overall) - 90.79

Our Individual Grades

Samwell9: (C+)

Brian Elliott was brought in to “stabilize” the crease for the Flames after they received abysmal goaltending the previous season. It is hard to say that he did that. He was brutal to start the year, had an amazing run toward the end of the season and then a mediocre playoff. It was that sort of situation where he was never as bad as he seemed when he was on his lows and never as good as he seemed when he was on his highs. Really, my one major issue with him was his propensity to allow very soft goals, which really sank the team at various times. That being said, they would not have made the playoffs without him. I would not be opposed to bring him back for a couple more seasons, but I am sure that is very unlikely.

MarkParkinson14: (C)

Again, average goaltending and that can’t happen when you’re brought in to be the starter. That was the case with Brian Elliott. It couldn’t have gone worse for Elliott at the start unless his pads caught fire during a game. The season started October 12th and it took until Feburary (!) 21st for Elliott to gain traction. He tied Mike Vernon for wins in a row by a goalie by reeling off 10 in a row and he seemed to stabilize the Flames crease. Then the playoffs happened and it looked like Elliott forgot how to play. Elliott went 0-3 and gave up a TON of soft goals. His playoff performance was so bad that Chad Johnson was given the netminding duties in Game 4. April 17th could have been the last time Brian Elliott suited up for the Flames and in the end, once again, the Flames didn’t/don’t have an answer in the crease.

FlamesMM: (C)

As disappointing as his playoffs were, they were three bad games and after the amazing stretch he had leading up to the playoffs, they were bound to happen but the timing was terrible. At the same time though, which is the real Brian Elliott? What a strange season he had as he was so bad early, but was good so down the stretch, then struggled in the playoffs. History would reflect that some mixture of really good, and struggling Elliott is the norm, and I really don’t think the possibility of his return should be judged on three games against a team Calgary can never beat anyways. Unless the Flames find a better option for next season, I think letting Elliott go will be a mistake that will come back to haunt them, especially now that his value has dipped after last postseason.

HockeyGoalieEH: (C)

Of the top 75 goalies in shots against in five-on-five situations, Elliott was 38th in adjusted Fenwick save percentage. He was about as mediocre as it gets.

Our Final Grade: C+


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