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2016-17 Report Card: Deryk Engelland

Engelland had the best year of his career

NHL: San Jose Sharks at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Deryk Engelland (Defense) - Midseason Grade: C

G A Rel CF% Rel xGF%
4 12 -4.56 -5.93

Our Individual Grades

HockeyGoalieEh: (F) For the life of me I fail to see how Deryk Engelland is falling in at a C. The Flames were widely mocked when they signed him for giving him way too much money at way too much term. For the first two years, Engelland did nothing to change anybody’s mind.

Engelland was slightly better than he had been throughout his tenure this year, but he was still well below replacement level for a defenseman offensively, defensively, and on special teams. Yes, he was slightly better than what people had come to expect from him, but little Timmy doesn’t get a C for getting an F when he was expected to get an even worse F. He might be a serviceable seventh defenseman, but even that is pushing it and he shouldn’t get anything more than a veteran’s minimum should it happen.

Hopefully that will not be with the Flames.

MarkParkinson14: (C). Engelland is one of those guys who doesn’t do anything particularly well, but he doesn’t do a lot that makes you cringe either. He’s just kind of out there as a grinder and a guy who is willing to stick up for his teammates. I think he had a pretty good regular season, but he didn’t have the best playoff series. I’d be fine with him coming back to Calgary of the deal is right.

FlamesMM: (B-) After three years of Deryk Engelland, I’d have to say that overall he wasn’t a bad signing. Still not sure if it was worth $3M+ annually but a decent signing nonetheless. Engelland was the most consistent defender over the course of the season, and while he never wowed you, he did his job and was a reliable third pairing defender. He may be moving on this offseason, but I’d be fine with him coming back for another year.

Samwell9: (C) He is what he is and for what he is, he had a pretty solid season. Absolutely overpaid, not the most skilled guy, but you have to respect how he absolutely gave it his all every game. When he was with better defenders he fared respectably, when he was with Bartkowski he was exposed. An interesting development in his game was his propensity to jump up into the rush, which was generally fruitless but did resulted in a couple of nice goals this season. Like the guy as a person, but at 35, it is time for him to move on.

Nora: (B)

Our Final Grade: C


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