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What Needs To Get Done

What do the Flames need to do in the last two games of the season? What can the fans look forward to?

NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

The Flames begin their final two games tonight against the Kings, followed by their final game at San Jose. These two games will be high pace and intensive as everyone looks to end their season on a high. What needs to get done? What would the fans like to see?

4/6 at Los Angeles

What needs to get done – Put pucks on the net. The season series between these two teams are currently split, and taking it 3-2 to finish it off would be the nail in the coffin for the Kings season. When we’ve lost to things Kings this season, we’ve lost BAD. Losing 5-0 in November and 4-1 last week is just not a nice sight to see, it just goes to show the Flames aren’t shooting enough. Putting up 24 shots on the Kings in the 5-0 loss and 26 in the 4-1 loss is not terrible, but 30 plus shots on goal can really make all the difference. We need to shoot whenever given the opportunity, anytime the puck goes on net is a scoring opportunity.

What the fans would like to see – Our captain, the wonderful Mr. Mark Giordano, is currently at 99 career goals. To go into the playoffs hitting number 100 would be a huge boost of confidence to him and could definitely lead to some more scoring opportunities in the post-season.

4/7 at San Jose

What needs to get done – The Sharks are potentially a team the Flames could face at some point in the post season. We currently have won 3 of the 4 games on the season against the Sharks. The Sharks are still recovering from a rough 6 game losing streak in March. To end their season on a loss could really cut their confidence in the playoffs down. To beat this team, the puck should be on the stick of Matthew Tkachuk. The kid really likes to score against this team and clearly knows where to put the puck on goal. Defense wise, it’s important to watch out for their secondary lines. Joonas Donskoi and Melker Karlsson have both scored two goals a piece against us and need to play tight D against the third and fourth lines.

What the fans would like to see – Close the season on a win. Nothing is better than ending on a high note and showing sign of a promising run in the playoffs.