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Ovechkin adamant in decision to take part in PyeongChang2018 Winter Olympics

Move Bettman, get out the way

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Washington Capitals
Players gonna play.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Breaking Down Gary Bettman

Bettman (NHL Commissioner) has been singing the same tune since last year - Here are some of his favourite KEY WORDS:

“Non-negotiable” ... “Disruptive” ... “In fact” [on the basis] of Enter number “injuries to players”

What he’s really saying is - let me paraphrase:

We want the rights to the Olympic logo - MONEY - We want to be “valued” as NHLers in the Olympics - PROMO

Long story short - i wish. Bettman will continue dragging on and making an issue out of the IOC’s lack of R-E-S-P-E-C-T towards the National Hockey League.

NHL Player reactions

Enough about the League/Clubs perspective. Thoughts from some of the greatest.

Sidney Crosby - (Plays it safe) - “ .. difficult situation to be in, no doubt .. I'm not sure if I'm thinking quite that far ahead .. “

Connor McDavid - (Smart kid) - “ .. young guys [like Matthews] trying to make their mark on hockey - they might not be able to get their chance to be on the international stage.“

Alexander Ovechkin - (Bettman who?) - “ .. [it’s] the biggest opportunity of your life to play in [the] Olympics .. [if] somebody gonna tell me, don't go - I don't care, I just go [to the Olympics] .. “

It’s all about the ESCROW

Read more about the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) 2022 deadline - and the money-making financial model (stop sign) in the Owners hands.

Bettman times his speels like a Jack-in-the-box and chances are he will use the ‘bureaucratic red tape - player safety’ speech as a future deterent.

When asked about Washington Capitals owner, Ted Leonsis, and his sentiment to support his star players decision -

Bettman: “It will be dealt with appropriately at the appropriate time”


McDavid preps his bed with pillows under the covers - Ovechkin waits outside as the get-away driver - ‘to PyeongChang2018’ painted on the side of the OV mobile.

The Fans want to see NHLers in the Olympics - the NHL Players are in favour of attending PyeongChang2018 - Bettman et al. are stalling.

Bettman has made it clear that the NHL is willing to partake in Beijing2022 - as he foresees the future hockey imprint in China. Bettman and the leagues stance on skipping the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea comes at a time where China threatens to withhold imports from Northern Korea.

A wise move on behalf of the NHL Commish.. or not.. [with plenty of time to backtrack of course].

Will Putin send a lear jet to pick up the Capitals best .. Will Bettmans words fortify a Korean blockade - Will OV cut the red tape - Coming at you [in PyeongChang] Feb 2018.