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Come Join Our Flames Playoff Gamethreads!

Let’s have some fun this April (and May/June)!

NHL: San Jose Sharks at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sure most of you have noticed our gamethread posts before most Flames games this season.

But now that the Flames have made the playoffs, we feel that we can really make these into something unique. We feel that we can make them into a central location for all Flames fans to interact with one another in live time to discuss the game.

Sure you can get some of that with Twitter or Facebook, but this opportunity could create a truly unique setting where everyone’s opinion gets heard by everyone during the game.

Here’s an example of our usual game threads:

And here’s an example of a gamethread when fans get involved during the game:

It’s definitely a fun and enjoyable atmosphere when fans have a chance to get together and discuss the game rather than just throwing a comment or a tweet up and hoping it gets noticed.

Steps to Follow:

1. Unless you already have one, the first step you need to take is to create a SB Nation account which you can do by scrolling to the bottom of this article. It takes all of 15 seconds as you create a username, add an email and a password and you’re in.

2. From there you have to come to our site and click on an article and scroll to the bottom to join Matchsticks and Gasoline. There is then a 24 hour period before you can comment on our articles.

3. Once that 24 hour window is up, you’re free to comment on any articles and more importantly join our gamethread.

We’ll be having three test runs for the gamethreads with the upcoming California road trip where we’ll have at least one or two our sites writers there to talk hockey with the fans!

We’ll be posting our gamethread approximately 15 minutes before puck drop. Here’s the schedule:

Tuesday at Anaheim (8:00PM MT, Thread at 7:45)

Thursday at Los Angeles (8:30PM MT, Thread at 8:15)

Saturday at San Jose (8:00PM MT, Thread at 7:45)

If people are willing to give this a shot, we think we could really create something unique and special for Flames fans as the playoff run begins and create a really cool culture on the site!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and Go Flames Go!