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Detroit Red Wings at Calgary Flames [Game 65]

Derek Leung/Getty Images

The Calgary Flames are back at it as they take on the Detroit Red Wings. The Red Wings are not exactly good and the Flames beat a far superior team in the Los Angeles Kings on Tuesday. By logic, this should be an easy win for the Flames, so count this one as a trap game.

There will be no changes to the lineup. Newcomer Curtis Lazar will have to wait a game to see a bit of action. The Flames have been torrid hot as of late and messing with the lineup probably isn't the greatest of ideas.

Brian Elliott will be in net tonight with Curtis Johnson backing him up. Petr Mrazek will oppose the Flames. Mrazek hasn't been a stellar goalie and the Red Wings are well out of playoff position. They sold at the deadline and in theory should be even worse than they already were. Hopefully Calgary can capitalize.