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Calgary Flames March Madness: Intro

In the spirit of the NCAA Bracket, we’re asking you to choose your favorite Flame

Calgary Flames v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Jason Halstead /Getty Images

With the 2017 NCAA March Madness tournament starting up soon, we thought hey, let’s get in on this.

However instead of picking basketball teams, we’re going to be asking you to choose your favorite Flame out of two players and the player with the most votes moves on. We’ll be using a randomly generated bracket which looks as follows:

Each day off that the Calgary Flames have, I’ll be putting up a piece with a certain number of matchups, and like the NCAA tournament it will be heavy with three or four the first few days, then taper off to quarters, semis, and the final on their own days.

With the Flames having a game every other day the rest of the way, we thought we could implement this and have some fun.

The first post will be on the 14th and the schedule will look like this.

Day 1 (March 14): Giordano vs Wideman, Stajan vs Johnson, Bouma vs Stone, Versteeg vs Lazar

Day 2 (March 16): Engelland v D. Hamilton, Bennett vs Brouwer, Gaudreau vs Bartkowski, Chiasson vs Elliott

Day 3 (March 18): Frolik vs Winner, Monahan vs Winner, Brodie vs Winner

Day 4 (March 20): Engelland vs Winner, Tkachuk vs Winner, F. Hamilton vs Winner, Backlund vs Winner

Day 5 (March 22): Quarterfinals 1 and 2

Day 6 (March 24) Quarterfinals 3 and 4

Day 7 (March 26) Semifinal 1

Day 8 (March 28) Semifinal 2

Day 9 (March 30) Final

Again, it’s a pretty simple idea, we’ll post the matchups each day along with some brief facts of each player, and you vote in the individualized poll for each matchup.

Each poll’s results will be taken the following day at 7:00PM MT ie) March 14th results due in by 7:00PM March 15th.

This is just for fun the rest of the way, and feel free to vote early and and as often as you want! Remember to pass this along to your other friends that are Flames fans too!

First post goes tomorrow!