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Perfect Playoff Picture

The Calgary Flames are painting themselves into the playoff picture

If you would have asked me about a month into the season if the Calgary Flames were going to make the playoffs, I probably would have kicked you in the genitalia (and I treat every gender equally). Then things got better as Chad Johnson bailed out the team by going on an impressive run, and it was looking like the team was unstoppable. Then, things went to shit again and the team began to sink in the standings. Now the team has won 8 in a row, thanks to Brian Elliott settling in as the Vezina-quality goalie I knew he was, scoring coming from all angles, and staying out of the penalty box, as mentioned in this great article by Mark Parkinson. Suddenly, the Flames find themselves tied in a playoff spot with the Edmonton Oilers....wait...did I just mention the Oilers and a playoff spot in the same sentence?

Anyway, with the playoffs a little less than a month away, and the Flames in the thick of things, we want to know, what do you think of the playoff format? Vote below on which playoff set-up you prefer and how many games you think playoff series should be.