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Vancouver Canucks at Calgary Flames [Game 42]

Halftime didn't even last a day.

This is Dennis Wideman.  He should go away.
This is Dennis Wideman. He should go away.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

It's game number 42 on the season and it's hard to believe half the regular season is already over. The Calgary Flames find themselves in a position very few individuals expected them to be in at this point in the season - hunting for a playoff spot after being bottom five in the league last year. The team has seen some unexpected performers really step up and a coaching improvement has them on the cusp of the final spot.

Unfortunately they lost two points that would have been very much appreciated last night against the Vancouver Canucks by a score of four to two. There's no way to sugar coat it, Brian Elliott was absolute trash last night and really cost them the game. He's obviously out tonight; Chad Johnson gets the start and has been the better goalie on the season.

The lineup will be the same for the most part with the exception of Garnet Hathaway switching in for Freddie Hamilton. This is basically a lateral maneuver - both are basically replacement level players, but expect either utter exuberance or extreme outrage because apparently the only thing that matters are fourth liners (seriously, the Flames mentions are a dumpster fire of leviathan proportion and it's over guys that play less than ten minutes a game after a dominant performance). Ultimately if they play like they did last night, then they should win and if they don't then they're just cursed.