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Colorado Avalanche at Calgary Flames [Game 40]

Freddie Hamilton gets a chance to play.
Freddie Hamilton gets a chance to play.
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

It's about the halfway point of the season as the Calgary Flames take on the Colorado Avalanche. It's the last time the Avalanche come to Calgary which means It's the last time the Flames will face former teammate Joe Colborne this year. Oh, it could also be the last time some guy named Jarome Iginla plays in Calgary.

There are a few lineup changes to speak of. For the forwards, Garnet Hathaway is out in favour of Freddie Hamilton. Some say it's just a game, but others have pointed out that his penalties have been adding up as of late. Regardless, it's one game against an abhorrent Avalanche team.

On defense, Jyrki Jokipakka is out for Tyler Wotherspoon. Jokipakka has been the Flames worst defenseman excluding Nicklas Grossmann who is long since gone and while Wotherspoon hasn't been stellar for his career, it would be hard to be much worse than Jokipakka. Testing him out won't hurt the Flames.

Brian Elliott starts tonight. He's been getting quite a few starts lately as the Flames try figure out who their starter going forward will be. Elliott had the better projections to start the season, he gets the start tonight.