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Calgary Flames at Edmonton Oilers [Game 46]

The battle of Alberta is a schedule loss - thanks schedule makers!

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

The Calgary Flames may have looked past the New Jersey Devils last night in anticipation of tonight's game in the battle of Alberta as they lost by a score of two to one. They never once had the advantage in possession against the lowly Devils and will need to be much better tonight against the Edmonton Oilers. That may be a bit difficult - this is one of those games where the Flames are traveling and played last night when their opponents are rested at home and it just so happens that it's against their arch rivals. Thank you very much, NHL schedule people!

There are no lineup changes and no defense changes for tonight's game. That's bad. The bottom two pairings have been a statistical disaster and there is not much there on the bottom two lines to really push possession and the Flames are coming in as the tired underdog. Hopefully they pull this one off, but this looks like it could be a pretty ugly one for the boys in red.

Brian Elliott is in net because playing a goalie on back to back nights is never a good idea. Chad Johnson has been stellar, but this is still the correct maneuver regardless of the outcome. Elliott is three and zero in his last three games against Edmonton - it's a small sample size, but hopefully that's a trend that continues tonight.