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Here’s Your 2017 NHL All Star Game Jerseys

The design hearkens back to the glory days of ASG jerseys.

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There you have it. The 4 sets of ASG jerseys for this season’s Honda Classic NHL All Star Game in LA. The color scheme is weak, but it highlights the two more popular jersey sets the Kings have ever had:

Hartford Whalers v Los Angeles Kings
Los Angeles Kings

The last 2 seasons the NHL has nailed the AGS jersey and this year the design is perfect. I’m not so hot on the colors, but they evoke memories of my favorite All Star Game jerseys which were worn from 1989-91 and then again in 1993. If you’re a Flames fan and looking get your hands on one of these, at least Johnny Gaudreau will be wearing the all black version (the white would have been fine too) as opposed to that horrible yellow jersey. Yikes.

Last season we took a look at the history of the ASG sweater and what jerseys worked and what didn’t. Feel free to take a trip down memory lane while you wait for this season’s NHL All Star Game.

The 2017 Honda NHL All-Star Game again will be a three-game tournament, played in a 3-on-3 format, featuring teams representing each NHL division.

The Los Angeles Kings, who are celebrating their 50th anniversary, and the city of Los Angeles will play host to the 2017 Honda NHL All-Star Weekend. The festivities begin with the opening of the 2017 NHL Fan Fair, including the NHL Centennial Fan Arena, 26; continue with the celebration of the 100 Greatest NHL Players at THE NHL100 on 2017 Coors Light NHL All-Star Skills Competition on 2017 Honda NHL All-Star Game on p.m. PT / for more information.