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Report: Flames Sign Linden Vey to a 1 Year, 2-Way Deal

Hey, they signed Vey.

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

As we are now past the pinnacle of summer off season activity, depth moves are where the market is at. Today, the Flames have reportedly signed former Vancouver Canuck RW Linden Vey to a 1 year, 2-way deal.

With the mass exodus of players from Stockton, the Flames need to make move this offseason to bolster their organizational depth. The young prospects need to be surrounded by players that have some pro experience, which Vey has 5 years of. Vey is coming off a season in which he scored 15 points in 41 games for the Canucks, along with 15 points in 26 games for their AHL Utica Comets. He also posted negative relative possession stats. However, he had some success at the AHL level in the past and is a right shot, so maybe a change of scenery will give him an opportunity at the NHL level. The more likely outcome is that he is a spare forward or helping out in Stockton.

Vey had a rough go of it on a pretty atrocious Vancouver Canucks team, not to mention that he has had to deal with some serious family issues as his father was awaiting trial this past season for plotting to kill his mother. I think it is fair to say that any of us would be somewhat unable to fully concentrate on work when such terrible things are going on in their personal lives. With the trial over, perhaps a fresh start in a new organization can re-inject some life into his hockey career.

This move can be likened to the recent acquisition of Alex Chiasson, a low-risk acquisition of a young right shot forward coming off a tough season, with the potential of turning their career around. If not, the Flames bury them in the minors and walk away next off season.