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Flames NCAA Prospect Profile: Mitchell Mattson

The Grand Rapids HS product will skate with the defending NCAA Champs this season.

Jen Fuller/Getty Images

Player: Mitchell Mattson

Team: University of North Dakota (NCAA), Freshman

Position: C

Height: 6'4

Weight: 186 lbs

Born: 1-2-1998, Grand Rapids, MN

Drafted: 2016, #126, Round 5

It doesn't get much more raw than a player like Mitchell Mattson. Mattson, the Flames #126 pick, will play his way to Calgary by way of the NCAA. The Grand Rapids HS product with skate with the defending NCAA Champion University of North Dakota Fighting Hawks this fall. One thing Mattson has going for him is that the Fighting Eagles are a young squad. 7 upper class men dot a roster filled with 25 under class man, so Mattson could get some decent ice time. One thing Mattson could work on is getting bigger. 6'4, 186 is fairly lanky and a little more muscle wouldn't hurt him by any stretch of the imagination. Mattson, like Adam Fox, is a long term prospect. His best bet to catch the eye of the Flames will be in the developmental camps the team holds each off season. Mitchell Mattson did compete in the developmental camp in July with the Flames and the newly drafted Center came up empty point-wise in the scrimmage.

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