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Flames on the Road: Which Pacific Division City Would You Most Like to See an Away Game

Where would you like to go see the Flames play a road game?

Gila River Arena, Home of the Coyotes
Gila River Arena, Home of the Coyotes
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

With the luxury or downside (depending on your opinion) of playing in the NHL's Pacific Division, the Flames get their fair share of travelling in during the regular season. However there is the upside that they regularly get to break the harsh winters of Calgary to jet to sunny landing spots such as Los Angeles or Arizona and soon Las Vegas.

The question we are posing to our readers today is: If you had a choice to get to a Flames away game anywhere within the Pacific Division, where would you go?

Here's a brief recap of each divisional city that the Flames visit regularly plus average ticket prices back from 2013-14 season (Flames average price: $262.10):

  • Edmonton: Sure there's the BOA rivalry and the history between the two clubs, but there's also a brand new state-of-the-art arena up there in Edmonton (take the hint Flames). Watching a game in Edmonton gives you a chance to watch two very young skilled teams square off although you'd also get that in the friendly confines of the Saddledome. Although, If you're looking to escape the Calgary winter, I wouldn't recommend Edmonton. Average ticket price: $272.75
  • Vancouver: A beautiful city on the Pacific Ocean is a great place to get out to a Flames game that's only a short one hour flight from Calgary. It's also a great place to go to since you know you'll get to watch a Flames win.  Average ticket price: $265.48
  • San Jose: It's only a short distance from San Francisco and also features the reigning Western Conference champions. It's ideal for those who don't want the hustle and bustle of busy Los Angeles or Anaheim but still want to go to California. Also it's just over an hour drive away from Stockton, so catch an AHL game while you're there. However the average winter temperature is only around 15 degrees Celsuis so don't expect too many beach days on your trip. Average ticket price: $150.65
  • Los Angeles: Visit Hollywood while you're there with the opportunity to take in many other sites in the 2nd largest city in the United States. You also get a chance to watch one of the best teams in the NHL take on the Flames all while enjoying warm weather and the beaches. Average ticket price: $126.23
  • Anaheim: One word. Disneyland. Average ticket price: $91.49
  • Arizona (Phoenix): Where better to watch a hockey game than in the sweltering heat of a desert? This is an ideal place to go for those looking for a brief trip for some hot weather and a hockey game. Combined flights and tickets are probably cheaper than tickets, parking, and beer at the Dome so maybe it's not a bad option. Average ticket price: $76.65
  • Coming Soon: Las Vegas: Not a bad place to jet out with your friends for a weekend of fun with a hockey game thrown in. Once Vegas joins the league in 2017-18, it'll be interesting to see how many road fans make the trip for their teams games. Another chance to watch the Flames in the middle of a desert in case you missed Arizona already. Average ticket price: TBD

Tell us where you'd want to go watch the Flames play in our poll below and feel free to expand in the comments section on any of our platforms. Safe travels to everyone!