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News On Fire: Gillies and McDonald updates, Flames affiliates news and news from the NHL

It's a mid summer edition of News On Fire! Gillies and McDonald update, fantasy player rankings and who does Matthew Tkachuk look up to?

Here's some news tidbits from the Flames as we trudge through the post draft and free agency portions of the season:

-Flames writer Jason Pirie takes a look at Jon Gillies and Mason McDonald.

-The Adirondack Thunder are changing divisions for the upcoming season.

-Wes GIlbertson of the Calgary Herald explains how Matthew Tkachuk is modeling his game after Corey Perry.

Other NHL News

-NHL.Com looks at the Top 10 games from 2015-16.

-Wondering who the Top 200 fantasy players are? Worry no more.

-The newly minted Las Vegas franchise will name their GM in a few days.