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2015-16 Report Card: Niklas Backstrom

Niklas Backstrom was a roller-coaster in only the four games he played with the Flames.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Niklas Backstrom


Sv% 5V5 Sv% 5V5 Sv% Low 5V5 Sv% Med. 5V5 Sv% Hi Adj. 5V5 Sv% GP TOI W L OT/SL GAA
0.881 0.8902 0.9394 0.9565 0.7692 0.8967 4 233.06 2 2 0 3.35

BizzleJ - C

Niklas Backstrom showed shades of the old agile and stellar goaltender he used to be in Minnesota. Trouble is, he also showed shades of being 38 years old and not really worth the $4 million he is being paid.

Backstrom only played in 4 games with the Flames this season and in the two games he won he was brilliant allowing just 2 goals in 58 shots. But in the two games he lost, he lost big allowing 11 goals in just 51 shots.

As mentioned, Backstrom is 38 years old and the Flames have already said that they will not be resigning him. I have a feeling that he will have trouble signing with another club unless he takes a pay cut. This may be the end of a great career. I have graded him a C.

HockeyGoalieEh - F

Backstrom had an adjusted 5V5SV% worse than Jonas Hiller.  Sure he won a few games, but that was mostly because the Flames went wild.  There's a reason he was a cap dump for a team looking to acquire David Jones.  His NHL career is probably over.  There's not enough of a sample size to say much more than that.

FlamesMM- C

Sure he wasn't outstanding and didn't look all that good but he made the few games that he played in more enjoyable than David Jones ever could've. It was great to see him go out on top with a stellar performance against the Wild. He's already signed with Helsinki in SM-liiga for next season. All the best Backs! C