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UFA RW Dale Weise

There was lots of chatter about Dale Weise's season and playoffs but should the Flames be interested?

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Coming off a season that saw him traded from the surprisingly lowly Montreal Canadiens to the powerhouse Chicago Blackhawks, Dale Weise had everyone talking during the playoffs as he enters unrestricted free agency. His currently expiring 1.025 million dollar AAV contract was for only two years and he should be in line for a raise this summer. What does Weise have in is game that would be of interest to the Flames?

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While listed as a RW he did end up spending a lot of time at center on Chicago's bottom lines. If there's one thing I've learned about NHL hockey it's that there is no such thing as having too many players able to center and for that reason alone a player like Weise is worth looking into.

 photo seasonstats_zpsftbhyckz.jpg

This season saw him get a huge zone start push to help him drive possession and scoring. There's a lot to like here and I imagine there are several teams lining up to bid for his services. This season alone is reason enough for the Flames to be interested. My only concern is whether or not he can repeat this season's performance.

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I'm leaning towards "no." While historically he has had a nose for the net, everything else screams to me that he was sheltered and carried throughout his career. This last season will likely net him a large paycheck but hopefully it's not the Flames that pay it.

Last, but not least, Troy Brouwer is up next.

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