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Joe Colborne Wins Peter Maher Award For Third Consecutive Year

Calgary Flames centre Joe Colborne has been awarded his third Peter Maher Award for being a "Good Guy".

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

For the third year in a row, Calgary Flames Centre Joe Colborne has been awarded the Peter Maher Award. The award is handed to the Flames player who demonstrates ‘Good Guy' qualities throughout the season.

On top of receiving the award, a donation from the local media is also made to the Calgary Flames Foundation. You can read more about the Calgary Flames Foundation on their website.

This marks just the third year the award has been awarded so Joe is the only player it has ever been awarded to.

Joe has been heating up on the ice as mentioned in a Matchsticks & Gasoline Player Profile earlier this week.

Colborne also does great work with his program Colborne's Forces in which he has purchased seasons tickets and gives them to Canadian Forces members and their families along with meet and greets and a tour of the Calgary Flames dressing room. You can learn more from the Colborne's Forces website.