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Kadri Pays The Price, Fined By NHL For Embellishement In Game Against Calgary Flames

Kadri fined $5000 for his constant embellishments, Keith suspended a mere 6 games, and Dennis Wideman turned out to be the biggest villain in the NHL during the 2015-2016 season.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Kadri has been fined $5000 for embellishing on 2 separate occasions after receiving a warning in the first of 3 incidents.

Let's review...

He was given an embellishment warning against New Jersey on Feb 4.
He was fined $2000 for his embellishment against Ottawa on March 12.
He was fined $3000 for his embellishment against Calgary (remember the debacle between him, Gaudreau, and Jooris??) on March 21.

Based on the chart, if he embellishes again, Coach Babcock will also get fined.

A note on Duncan Keith.

Not that he had supplemental discipline for his hack on Johnny Gaudreau, which forced Gaudreau out of two games, but Keith did receive punishment for blatantly swinging his stick at an opposing player during the Chicago Blackhawks vs Minnesota Wild game.

Well, if you can call it "discipline."

He was supposed to have an in-person hearing over this debacle but he waived his right to an in-person hearing, which never looks good no matter who you are.

I expected at least 10 games for this repeat offender. But no, the NHL, which is not known for its consistency in punishments, gave Keith a minor 6 games (which includes only 1 playoff game).

How does a repeat offender get a mere 6 games for an intentional swing of the stick on another player, yet Dennis Wideman (after it wasn't concluded that his actions were intentional or unintentional) gets a 20 game suspension that was drawn out for weeks?

Consistency seems to be a problem in the NHL.