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Which goalie would you like to see Calgary target in the offseason?

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Let's have a friendly discussion about which goaltender would you like to see in the Flames crease as the #1.

The future for Karri Ramo in Calgary is very much in the air.
The future for Karri Ramo in Calgary is very much in the air.
Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Well since there's no Calgary Flames playoff hockey this season, there leaves us fans with a lot of questions and time to talk about rumours and what we want to see the team do in the offseason.

Now that Hiller has signed in Switzerland, even though we knew he wasn't coming back, and Backstrom pretty well at the end of his NHL career, along with UFA Karri Ramo and RFA Joni Ortio without contracts heading into July 1, there are a lot of crease concerns for next season.

It poses the question, which goalie in the offseason would you like the Calgary Flames to target as a #1? In my own personal opinion I would like to see them target Ben Bishop. He's a proven #1 with a lot of good career numbers over his time in Tampa Bay. If they can land him, I would also like to see them bring back Joni Ortio as the backup. He would be pretty affordable right now. I like Karri Ramo but I don't think he's not coming back anytime soon due to his injury. Also his price tag isn't all the cheap.

Time for you guys to have your say. Discuss on Matchsticks Twitter or Facebook accounts or find me on Twitter @jshanny14.