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Joe Colborne: Big Man On And Off The Ice

Joe Colborne's community program Colborne's Forces salutes the Canadian Forces for their service.

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

We all have our favourite hockey players and likely for all different reasons. Generally it is for reasons on the ice such as a good goal scorer or stellar goaltending with lightning reflexes. Then there is the off the ice reasons. Many hockey players have committed to doing great things out in the communities they live in.

The Calgary Flames Joe Colborne is no exception to that as described in an article from the Flames website. In November of 2014 Joe teamed up with the company Packers Plus and started the program Colborne's Forces. Colborne purchases seasons tickets and for every home game those tickets are given to members of the Canadian Forces. On top of attending the game, Joe's guests also get to meet Joe, visit the team locker room and get a special salute during every game throughout the year.

"I have always had a deep respect for the work that the Canadian Armed Forces do to protect our country and I am humbled to be able to give back to them through this program, Colborne's Forces."

The Calgary Flames also hold an annual Canadian Forces Appreciation Night in which hundreds of members and their families are saluted for their services and commitment.

This year the program is hosting a benefit concert on July 23rd with all proceeds going to Support Our Troops and a portion going to The MIlitary Museums Foundation. The concert will be headlined by Canadian Country artists Emerson Drive and Joe discussed it with Global News.

"It'll be a great time to not only have a great concert but to educate people on the military"

The whole idea of the benefit concert came to Joe while talking with some Armed Forces members.

"[I] went over and just started talking with them and stuff... some little kid came up and recognized me and asked for an autograph and a picture and completely ignored the two guys in uniform... I just felt like there was something really wrong with that."

Packers Plus plays a big part in the partnership by donating $500 for every point Colborne gets to the Calgary Military Family Resource Centre. This season Joe finished with 44 points for a total donation of $22,000.

Visit the Colborne's Forces website to find out more about the Colborne's Forces program, benefit concert featuring Emerson Drive or becoming a sponsor.

You can also read more about Joe Colborne's other community involvement and accomplishments on the website's Meet Joe page.