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Favourite Fan Moment of 2015-2016

Deryk Engelland didn't score many goals this year but one will always be engrained into my memory.

Engelland celebrating his 3rd goal of the season.
Engelland celebrating his 3rd goal of the season.
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

My favourite fan moment came in the last home game of the Calgary Flames season against the Vancouver Canucks.

No it wasn't that Calgary beat Vancouver 7-3, but that was pretty awesome in its own right. It was the 3rd goal of the season, and second in as many nights, for Deryk Engelland.

Some of you might be wondering why I would pick such an oddly specific goal when there were nicer goals scored by Flames players and I'll tell you why. If you follow me on Twitter know that I'm a HUGE Deryk Engelland fan, ever since his 2 on 1 dust up with Dan Hamuis and Derek Dorsett of Vancouver in Game 2 of last years playoffs. Fighting two guys at once is unheard of but fighting 2 guys at once and not losing is a story in of itself.

Back to why I picked that goal. My cousin and I had moved from our Press Level seats to the lower bowl cause we cause empty seats and there was only about 5 minutes left in the game. So we sat in our seats and not even 30 seconds later Deryk and Matt Stajan go on a 2 on 1. Matt passes Deryk the puck and with Ryan Miller sprawling from right to left Engelland snipes it top corner. Did I mention this was right in from of us. The timing was impeccable and I lost my mind.

Its been 4 days since that game and there's still times I'll think about this and can't help but smile and think of the dumb luck we had moving down just before Engelland scored.

If you click the link below you can see the video my cousin took just after the goal and my reaction!

My favourite fan moment 2015-2016