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Calgary Flames at Los Angeles Kings [Game #78 Thread]

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Stupid late night schedule losses

This game is way too late.  Way.  Too.  Late.
This game is way too late. Way. Too. Late.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Calgary Flames take on the Los Angeles Kings after getting slaughtered like swine against the Aneheim Ducks eight to three last night. The Kings are nice and rested having not played since Monday while the Flames are on a road trip played last night. Thanks schedule makers, thanks.

Joni Ortio will be in net tonight for the Flames as both Niklas Backstrom and Jonas Hiller played last night. Old goalies on back-to-backs generally don't do well, so the move makes sense. For those hoping to see one or the other for tanking purposes, this one is still going to be a leviathan undertaking given the Kings rest coming into this one.

For the Kings the goalie is still unknown, though it's expected that Jonathan Quick will start. Jhonas Enroth is still a possibility for tonight's game however. Both are above average goalies and Enroth is a name the Flames might want to explore during the offseason as he could be a cheap, serviceable backup.

Michael Frolik is still out and Johnny Gaudreau and Jyrki Jokipakka are game time decisions. Gaudreau stated earlier that he's "itching to play," but given the situation that the Flames find themselves in it behooves them to be as careful as possible with the franchise star. One would expect Hunter Shinkaruk to be in the lineup in place of the injured Frolik making the option between Emile Poirier or Gaudreau, but if Hartley has taught Flames fans anything it's to expect anything.