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T.J. Brodie, A Blue Line Master

Today we look at one half of the Flames anchor on the blue line.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

T.J. (Thomas James) Brodie
6'-1" 182lbs.
Shoots Left
Born June 7, 1990 in Chatham, Ontario
Drafted 114th Overall in the 4th Round by the Flames

(Stats from the Flames website)

In his last 5 games T.J. Brodie has just 2 assists for a total of 2 points and a plus/minus of +1. Those numbers come after his return from missing a few games due to an ‘upper body injury'. Brodie is averaging around 22 minutes of ice time per game and about 1 or 2 shots on goal per game.

According to the Flames website, Brodie has appeared in 63 games this season and has 4 goals and 38 assists for 42 points which is only 4 points back from his career high of 46 from 2006/2007. He currently has a plus/minus of +10.

The Flames re-signed Brodie to a new 5-year contract a little over a year ago and got a sweet deal too. Brodie signed for around $4 million per season which is in the same neighbourhood as Captain Mark Giordano which is the other half of the Flames anchor on Defence.

According to Brian Costello's article from The Hockey News, the downside to the deal could be that by the time our young team matures into a cup contender, T.J. may be a pending unrestricted free agent and may be looking for a big contract.

A year ago Brodie and Giordano were two of the top scoring defencemen in the game and were a force to be reckoned with, as were the Calgary Flames. This season the pairs' scoring has slowed, possibly due to games missed by Brodie and the teams' inconsistent play.