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Game Recap: Lights Out For Flames In Third Period Loss To Senators

After two good periods of hockey and being ahead most of the game, the Flames fell apart and lost to the Senators in the final 20 minutes.

Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

Game Summary

It was good period for the Flames - mostly. Lance Bouma had a couple of chances early on but couldn't pull the trigger. Johnny Gaudreau was light on his feet and slick with his hands. When the home team got their first power play, it was tic-tac-toe and the Flames were on the board 1-0. 42 seconds later, with help from Joni Ortio, Monahan aimed and shot for another Flames goal. The Senators would get one back before the end of the period and the score was 2-1 after 20 minutes.

Joni Ortio keeping the Flames ahead in the game while showing his worth in the first half of the period. The Flames offense was lacking, but Ottawa pressure, Neil exchanging pleasantries with Engelland, and Phaneuf cross-checking Colborne lit a fire on the Flames team and they had put up with enough of the shenanigans. With a sweet pass from T.J. Brodie, Johnny went top shelf, putting the Flames up 3-1. Another Sens goal put them within one again, but you'd be kidding yourself if you thought the Flames were done. No, Johnny had to prove a point by notching his 24th goal of the season and the score was 4-2 heading into the third.

The Sens rung one off the post early, but it was quickly reviewed and called no goal. David Jones drew a penalty and the Flames went on the power play only to generate chances but no goals. Brandon Bollig and Phaneuf exchanged pleasantries on ice but nothing came of it. Sam Bennett and Josh Jooris had a good odd man rush, but too many passes squandered their chance and Anderson stoned them. After two more posts by Ottawa, the last one was reviewed and considered a goal, putting the visitors within one again. Ottawa buried another puck, after Ortio was interfered with, but it was challenged and considered a good goal anyway. The score was 4-4. That's when the Flames completely fell apart defensively to allow the Sens another goal and their first lead in the game. It was 5-4 Senators halfway through the period. The Flames looked tired in the last few minutes of the game, which allowed the Sens to get an empty-net goal, and the score was finalized at 6-4 for the visitors.

My Thoughts

Someone threw a jersey on the ice after the Sens 5th goal. And I can't let this go without saying something. Believe me, I understand frustration in watching your team lose - I'm sure most of us who have watched hockey for a significant amount of time can relate. But if you are so frustrated with the team you cheer for that you feel the need to throw your jersey on the ice, please do the right thing and hand it to someone in the crowd who can't afford a jersey yet might really want one. There are people out there who appreciate their team even if the teams go through a tough time, such as the Flames this year. We have all been through this before (remember 2004-2014??) and we fans are still here and we still have all our jerseys. Do not, under any circumstances, throw your jersey on the ice because it is the one of the worst forms of disrespect and waste.

Flame Of The Game

Johnny Gaudreau. With two goals and 1 assist, he showed a lot of magic on the ice tonight in spite of missing a crucial piece of the first-line puzzle, Jiri Hudler. Johnny never falters, his game rarely changes, and he shows up to win every single game.

Up Next

The Flames have a day off and then are back on the ice Monday in Philadelphia and again on Tuesday in Boston.