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News On Fire: Games, Scores, NHL Trade Deadline Caution

Calgary Flames updates and news from around the world of hockey.

Today's Flames

Catch up on last night's overtime loss in our game recap.

Game Recap: Flames Seal Their Fate In This One With a 2-1 Overtime Loss To Islanders

And check out our weekly Friday Fan Poll.

Friday Fan Poll: Just Days to the Deadline

Oppositions Bench

Read up on the other perspective on last nights game at

New York Islanders 2, Calgary Flames 1 (OT): Josh Bailey scores with 17 seconds left

Last Nights Scores

Minnesota Wild 2 @ Philadelphia Flyers 3

New Jersey Devils 1 @ Columbus Blue Jackets 6

Carolina Hurricanes 1 @ Toronto Maple Leafs 3

Arizona Coyotes 2 @ Florida Panthers 3

NY Rangers 2 @ St. Louis Blues 1

Nashville Predators 3 @ Chicago Blackhawks 1

Winnipeg Jets 6 @ Dallas Stars 3

Ottawa Senators 3 @ Vancouver Canucks 5

Edmonton Oilers 1 @ LA Kings 2

Today's Games

Boston Bruins @ Carolina Hurricanes

Buffalo Sabres @ San Jose Sharks

Tampa Bay Lightning @ New Jersey Devils

Minnesota Wild @ Washington Capitals

Edmonton Oilers @ Anaheim Ducks

Other Hockey News

Just a note about trade deadline rumors...

Bob Mackenzie said something very important on twitter this afternoon that I'd like to share. In light of all the information overload that we might be bombarded with, it's important to remember that not everything we see or hear is the gospel hockey truth. When reading about trade rumors, remember that they're just that - rumors. Until the teams themselves make an official announcement, nothing is written in stone.