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News On Fire: Flames vs Nucks, Subban Trade? Komarov Hearing Upcoming, Obama Takes Jab At Canada, Trudeau Fires Back On Twitter

Calgary Flames updates and news from around the world of hockey.

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Today's Flames

Catch up with today's game preview.

Calgary Flames vs Vancouver Canucks Preview 2/19/2016 (55/82)

And we want your input in our weekly Friday Fan Poll.

Friday Fan Poll: 10 Days to the Trade Deadline

Oppositions Bench

You can see what the other side has to say about tonight's game at

Last Nights Scores

San Jose Sharks 2 @ Florida Panthers 1 (SO)

Boston Bruins 0 @ Nashville Predators 2

Washington Capitals 3 @ NY Islanders 2 (OT)

Detroit Red Wings 3 @ Pittsburgh Penguins 6

NY Rangers 4 @ Toronto Maple Leafs 2

Carolina Hurricanes 2 @ Ottawa Senators 4

Winnipeg Jets 5 @ Tampa Bay Lightning 6 (SO)

LA Kings 1 @ St. Louis Blues2 (OT)

Minnesota Wild 5 @ Edmonton Oilers 2

Dallas Stars 3 @ Arizona Coyotes 6

Anaheim Ducks 5 @ Vancouver Canucks 2

Today's Games

San Jose Sharks @ Carolina Hurricanes

NY Islanders @ New Jersey Devils

Buffalo Sabres @ Columbus Blue Jackets

Philadelphia Flyers @ Montreal Canadiens

Other Hockey News

Report: Canadiens gauging trade market for P.K. Subban (

Leafs' Komarov deserves to finally sit for dirty elbow (

Obama jokes he'll gloat over Stanley Cup; Trudeau tweets back (