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News On Fire: Flames Loss & Trade Rumours, Stamkos To Not Be Traded, Lemieux Named To Order Of Hockey In Canada

With the trade deadline looming in the not-so-far-off distance, the Flames have some work to do.

Today's Flames

The Calgary Flames fell in the third consecutive matchup against the Anaheim Ducks, 6-4.

Game Recap: Flames lose 3rd matchup vs Ducks, 6-4 (M&G)

We've also addressed some Flames trade rumours.

Rumour round-up: who's interested in Flames players? (M&G)

Oppositions Bench

You can read about the alternate perspective on last nights game at

Ducks Score 6, Win Game of Pond Hockey in Calgary

Last Nights Scores

Detroit Red Wings 1 @ NY Islanders 4

Pittsburgh Penguins 1 @ Florida Panthers 2 (SO)

Dallas Stars 3 @ Nashville Predators 2 (OT)

Toronto Maple Leafs 2 @ Chicago Blackhawks 7

Montreal Canadiens 2 @ Arizona Coyotes 6

Minnesota Wild 5 @ Vancouver Canucks 2

Today's Games

Boston Bruins @ Columbus Blue Jackets

San Jose Sharks @ Tampa Bay Lightning

Philadelphia Flyers @ New Jersey Devils

LA Kings @ Washington Capitals

Winnipeg Jets @ Carolina Hurricanes

Buffalo Sabres @ Ottawa Senators

Dallas Stars @ St. Louis Blues

Anaheim Ducks @ Edmonton Oilers

Other Hockey News

Mario Lemieux, Geraldine Heaney to join Order of Hockey in Canada (

Steven Stamkos 'will not be traded' before deadline, says Lightning GM Yzerman (

Carrie Underwood trolls Ryan Johansen on Twitter (