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Calgary Flames at Arizona Coyotes [Game 30]

Go Flames Go
Go Flames Go
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

The Calgary Flames are out in the considerably warmer Glendale weather as they take on the Arizona Coyotes. The Flames currently sit in a playoff spot and have quite a favourable matchup with the absolutely horrible Coyotes. Hopefully it should be a simple win.

Lance Bouma is in for an injured Kris Versteeg. That's quite a hit to the Flames possession game, but again it's the Coyotes. Micheal Ferland is being bumped up to the second line.

Chad Johnson is back in met for his 11th game out of the last 13. Some are questioning the decision, but Brian Elliott hasn't done well at all, so the Flames are rolling with a hot Johnson. And once again, it's the Coyote.

There are no changes to the defense tonight. Brett Kulak was sent down for Tyler Wotherspoon for reasons that cannot be understood, but Jyrki Jokipakka gets the start instead. The Flames insistence on playing Jokipakka is odd - he now has the worst possession numbers of any Flames defenseman of the past three years. Being behind Ladislav Amid is quite the accomplishment.