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Miikka Kiprusoff Inducted into Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame

Kipper and two other former Flames were given the honour

Columbus Blue Jackets v Calgary Flames

Miikka Kiprusoff along with two other former Flames Toni Lydman and Juuka Hentunen were inducted into the Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame today.

An idol for many Flames fans, Kipper will now be idolized in Tampere, Finland where the hall of fame is located.

Kipper’s career featured 319 wins, 44 shutouts, a .912 sv% and a 2.49GAA. He played with the Sharks for parts of four seasons before being traded to Calgary and becoming the best goalie in Flames franchise history.

Kipper provided us fans with that amazing run in the 2003-04 season after coming over from the Sharks, leading the Flames all the way to the Cup Final, a run that will be forever etched into minds of Flames fans.

Lydman was also part of that Cup Final team, which was his fourth and final season in Calgary. He went on to play for Buffalo and Anaheim racking up 892 career games, 39 goals, and 214 assists.

Hentunen had a brief stay in Calgary playing in 28 games during the 01-02 season. Hentunen was traded to Nashville that season where he played 10 games. After that he spent a number of years in the Swiss league, the KHL, and then the Finnish league.

Congratulations to all three on your achievements, and especially our hero Miikka Kiprusoff! Say isn’t it time to get around to retiring his jersey?