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Johnny Gaudreau is Officially ‘Johnny Hockey’

Flames superstar legally awarded Trademark rights

NHL: Dallas Stars at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

As sports fans, we all recognize phrases like “Let’s get ready to rumble”, “Three-peat” and “Refuse to lose” and we all recognize nicknames like “Magic” for Irving Johnson and “Mr. October” for Reggie Jackson. Well they are all more than just phrases and nicknames. They are all Trademarks. They are an athlete’s ‘Branding’ for lack of a better word.

The sporting world now has yet another Trademarked name/phrase to add to the legalities mix. Calgary Flames phenom Johnny Gaudreau has officially and legally been awarded the Trademark rights to the name/phrase “Johnny Hockey”. It’s a name/phrase that fans have been using for quite some time without any thought. Now us fans have to be careful how and where we use it.

For some athletes it may be an additional revenue stream such as “Air Jordan”. I am sure every time Nike sells a pair of Air Jordan’s, Michael Jordan gets a little love. For other athletes it may just be protection from other people cashing in on their names or catch phrases.

Either way you look at it, it’s brilliant, and anyone can do it! For a mere $500 or so, you could file a Trademark application to trademark any name or phrase that hasn’t already been applied for or accepted. Yup, had you beaten Johnny Gaudreau to the punch and applied to Trademark the name/phrase “Johnny Hockey”, you could have owned the rights to that name/phrase, and who knows, Reebok may have come knocking on your door to use it on their ads or apparel and your “Johnny Hockey” could have been the next “Air Jordan”.