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Dougie Hamilton Trade Tremors

Brian Burke squashing Hamilton Trade Rumours

NHL: Calgary Flames at Minnesota Wild
Dougie laughs off Media Blitz
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Lets Talk About Dougie

Calgary Flames President of Hockey Operations, Brian Burke, not happy.

“What the player is entitled to - what Dougie Hamilton is entitled to is insurances. We are not shopping him. We have not offered him to other teams, and we think he’s a very valuable part of this team” - Burke (via Sid&Tim)

Dougie talks about ‘Dougie’

“I definitely heard all of it - [got to] just keep playing, [it’s] just noise - Toronto Market - [I] just play, whatever. [I] just don’t think about it too much” - #27 (via Sportsnet)

While we’re at it - Lets Talk About Dougie

“Last 8 games: 6 points with a plus 7. Triple point game versus Detroit. 2A’s versus Philly - one on the PP, one short-handed” - Stats

Oh wait, I still want to talk about Dougie

“In the 4 GP prior to November 15th benchmark, he was a minus 10, with zero points. Benchmark date & on he had a 3 GP buffer period of zero points, with a plus 2. Then the consecutive 4 GP he registered a plus 7 with 4 points.” - Equilibrium Catalyst

Lets go back to Badass Burkie

“[This one idiot GM called up Treliving] - Tre says next time you have a really stupid idea like that just save the quarter, don’t call. Next thing you know that [idiot] GM told another GM [that he made an offer on Dougie Hamilton]” - Badass Wolf Burkie (via SN590)

So What’s the Lesson Here

Besides don’t ever mess with The Big Bad Wolf - stats don’t always paint the right picture. Go in-depth. Don’t believe the rumours.

Keep Doing the Dougie

Matchsticks&Gasoline fans are loving your SMILE Dougie! Check out the previous article ‘Dougie Hamilton Trade Murmurs’ & take the ‘Should Dougie be Traded Poll?’ - So far fans are split, with majority vote saying NO TRADE.