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Going Live Again!

I will once again be doing Live broadcasting on the Matchsticks & Gasoline Facebook page.

Due to the popular reception of our little Facebook Live experiment a couple weeks ago, I will once again be broadcasting Live on our Facebook page for the the game Thursday night as the Calgary Flames host the Dallas Stars at the Dome.

Puck drop will be a little after 7:00 MST (9:00 EST) so I will start with a brief broadcast at 7/9:00 for a little game preview.

I will then broadcast during each intermission and right after the game for some post-game discussion and breakdown.

So if you haven’t already given the Matchsticks & Gasoline Facebook Page a ‘Like’, head on over and do so and you will be notified when we go Live.

Also check out our Matchsticks & Gasoline Fan site/blog for the latest Flames news and sign up to receive post notifications. You can also write your own posts on the site on the Fanposts page.