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Dougie Hamilton Trade Murmurs

Is the high priced defenceman on the trading block?

NHL: Dallas Stars at Calgary Flames
Dougie Hamilton plans on keeping his mind clear in preparation for tonights matchup vs. Minnesota Wild
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Who’s asking?

Rumour has it that the Arizona Coyotes & Pittsburgh Penguins are the two NHL teams eyeing blue-line defender Dougie Hamilton of the Calgary Flames.

“I don’t suggest for a second that Calgary is shopping this guy ... [However] the two teams that are kicking tires on Dougie Hamilton are Arizona and Pittsburgh” - @RealKyper (Sportsnet)

Digging up Dougie’s Past:

Drafted 1st round (9th overall) in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft by the Boston Bruins - Hamilton made his big show debut mid-season following the NHL lock-out (2012-2013). Playing aside the likes of Zdeno Chara - then coming up big for the Bruins during Chara’s Knee Injury (2013-2014). In his last & 3rd season with Boston (2014-2015) his team leading assists(32) were not good enough to land his team in playoff position - and with that he was traded to the Calgary Flames, allowing Boston to free up cap space & gain three picks from the 2015 off-season deal.

The Flames were quick to sign-on the 22-year old defencemen - giving him top D dollar with a 6-year $34.5M contract - exceeding the annual (2015-2016) 7-digit salary of Mark Giordano before the Captain signed his own big money deal.

Yay or Nay? Was Dougie worth it..

It’s early for hypothetical trade talk, but with the Flames running low on fuel - anything can happen if Treliving starts playing imaginary chess & moving his horses around.

With Dougie registering just 6pts (2-6) with a minus 9 in a 16-game skid - the Flames are handed their 10th loss by the New York Rangers, along with the ‘first to reach double digits’ sash. Not even a quarter of the season in & the trade rumour mill has been spun - not quite churning yet - for this struggling Calgary team (5-10-1).

But lets be fair, and see how Dougie fairs under the spotlight

“You can’t think too much into that stuff” - Dougie Hamilton #27

Fingers crossed for you Dougie! The Matchsticks&Gasoline fans will be watching you! Vote in our poll below and tell us what you think the Flames should do with Dougie Hamilton.

Should The Flames Deal Dougie Hamilton?
Yes, if the return is good.
No, he's too young and talented to trade.
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