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Live Broadcast Anyone?

We here at M&G are rolling with the technology!

In the ever-changing world we live in, technology seems to be gaining the most ground and advancing the quickest. I remember 12 years ago when there was no Facebook. Hell I even remember about 25 years ago when there was no internet. Now, not only do we have the ability to look at stuff posted on the internet from anywhere in the world, we have Facebook which is changing the way we connect and see stuff from around the world.

We here at Matchsticks & Gasoline have decided to try keeping up with the technology and try living on the edge by putting ourselves, well a couple of us anyway, out there for all of the world to see...LIVE!

For the first time ever, Calgary Flames fans will be able to go to our Matchsticks & Gasoline Facebook Page during the 1st Intermission, 2nd Intermission and right after the game for a Live video broadcast with one or two of our writers for game analysis and discussion.

If you haven’t already ‘Liked’ our Matchsticks & Gasoline Facebook Page, go there now and click that ‘Like’ button. Then when you are watching the Live broadcast on any device or desktop computer, be sure to click the ‘Follow’ button on the screen to make sure you are notified whenever we go Live.

Our first kick at the can will be tomorrow night’s game at the Dome as the Ottawa Senators roll into town and your host will be yours truly. I will do a Live broadcast before the game to get everyone set and used to how the Facebook Live broadcast works and looks. In the meantime, get yourself and all the fans you know to head onto our Matchsticks & Gasoline Facebook Page and give us a ‘Like’.

See you tomorrow...uh...actually I won’t see you will see me tomorrow night at 9pm ET (7pm MT)