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Flames Release 2016-17 Jersey Schedule

That's right, a jersey schedule for those of us who are uniform obsessed.

Ottawa Senators v Calgary Flames Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Do you ever sit there and wonder which jersey the Flames will be wearing on game day? You want to match the team, but don't know which sweater the Flames will be sporting that game? Well worry no more. The Flames have released the full schedule with the uniform that they will be wearing on game days. The Flames sets will consist of their usual home red's, road white's and this season they'll be sporting the Retro Red set as their alternate. The Flames retired their third jersey from the past few seasons (personally I think that was a mistake) in favor of the Retro Red this year. That cut down the number of uniform sets from 4 to 3. Most likely the Flames will get something new and updated once Adidas takes over, but for now it's the 3 jerseys that you're familiar with. Click the link to see the full schedule.

Calgary Flames Jersey Schedule