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Seven Game Segments Project

Bob Hartley may be gone but the Seven Game Segments will remain. Join me in tracking the team’s progress throughout the season.

Calgary Flames v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

While Bob Hartley is gone and a new coaching staff is in place with their own ideas and new philosophies there was one of Bob's ideas that really intrigued me: breaking down the season into 7 game segments. While I have no idea which metrics the team was using internally I did track some key points myself all season long last year and I will do the same for this season.

Previously, I had published a recap of each segment but this season I intend to go a little more in depth and give a breakdown for each game in each segment which will be posted at the conclusion of said seven game segment.

As before, the statistics I will be using are going to be pretty basic (PDO, Corsi For Percentage, Scoring Chance For Percentage, On Ice Save Percentage, and On Ice Shooting Percentage) as the more detailed stats require a much larger sample size than a seven game segment will offer. Unfortunately, with the loss of War On Ice, I have no reliable way to collect High Danger Scoring Chances For. To make up for this I will also include the Power Play Percentage and Penalty Kill Percentage since, as Scotty Bowman once said, good teams have a PP% + PK% of over 100%. After the special teams disaster that was last season I feel that this will be an important set of metrics to help us evaluate the new coaching staff.

During the course of the season, look to this to see how the team is doing, which goalie started each game, injury updates, and any goaltending swaps for every game. With the exception of the PP% and PK% all of my posted numbers will be Unadjusted 5v5 Even Strength drawn from the always great Corsica Hockey blog. I look forward to taking this journey with all of you! Bring on the season!