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News On Fire: Robyn Regehr coming back to Calgary

Calgary Flames updates and news from around the world of hockey.

Today's Flames:

The Flames aren't playing again until Monday night so there's no recap or highlights, but there's a few Flames related news items to tackle here at M&G.

The Flames will welcome former Associate Captain Robyn Regehr back to Calgary so he can officially retire as a Flame. (

Randy Sportak of the Calgary Sun takes a look at some of the stories from the first half of the season. (

We here at M&G make the case for Ferland and Bennett getting top line playing time.

Last Night's Scores

Boston Bruins 4 @ New Jersey Devils 1

Columbus Blue Jackets 1 @ Carolina Hurricanes 4

Buffalo Sabres 1 @ Chicago Blackhawks 3

Nashville Predators 3 @ Colorado Avalanche 5

Tampa Bay Lightning 3 @ Edmonton Oilers 2

St. Louis Blues 3 @ Anaheim Ducks 4 (SO)

Other Hockey News (

The Boston Bruins say "No soup for you!" as the NJ Devils try for their 3,000th franchise win.

The St. Louis Blues hit with the injury bug.

Cap's Johansson suspended for 2 games.

The Vancouver Canucks and New York Rangers swap wingers in a Friday deal.

That's it for this morning. Fairly slow day for the Flames as of now. What's on your mind as we wait for Monday's game?