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Not enough. Flames vs. Coyotes Stat Recap

Not enough offence, not enough defence. Sigh.

Collapsed from carrying the team on his back.
Collapsed from carrying the team on his back.
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, the Flames swept the hapless Coyotes. This year, it's not looking so good.

Corsi Charts

As always, from

All situations

If you're looking for positives, the Flames at least kept pace with the Coyotes throughout the game after the first. Like always, the Flames got off to a slow start (21-12 for Arizona in the first), but woke up and kept working throughout the rest of the game (40-39 for the Flames after the first period).


But the overall difference was the 5v5 play. The Flames failed to win the possession battle in all three periods (14-9 in the first, 21-19 in the second, 15-15 in the third).

Shot Plot:


The Coyotes certainly were in the slot far too many times. They generated 16 HDSCs in all situations, with ten of those being shots. I know both of their goals were tricklers from the point, but the Flames cannot rely on Ramo stopping all ten of those slot shots every night.

For the Flames, they should try getting closer to the net and spreading their offence out to both sides of the ice. Like I always say they should. They should also try leaning less on Mikael Backlund, who had three iHDSCs and seven iCFs. No one else came close to those numbers.

Individual Corsi Chart

Data from

Sam Bennett 61.29 75 57.14 71.43
David Jones 56.52 40 56.52 40
Micheal Ferland 55.17 58.33 45.83 44.44
Mikael Backlund 52.5 36.84 46.67 33.33
Dennis Wideman 51.11 61.11 54.29 83.33
Mark Giordano 48.84 68.42 47.06 71.43
Johnny Gaudreau 48.48 100 41.83 100
Sean Monahan 48.39 81.82 44.83 88.89
TJ Brodie 47.22 60 45.45 66.67
Kris Russell 44.64 40 47.92 53.33
Lance Bouma 44.44 22.22 46.15 40
Mason Raymond 43.75 77.78 43.75 77.78
Dougie Hamilton 42.86 50 33.33 33.33
Joe Colborne 42.42 75 38.71 83.33
Matt Stajan 38.1 28.57 53.33 40
Josh Jooris 37.5 28.57 45 40
Markus Granlund 37.5 100 45 100
Deryk Engelland 27.27 75 37.5 75

The good:

  • I think either Rick Ball or Roger Millions said that Sam Bennett was doing everything he could but still wasn't scoring. That's pretty accurate. He was a man on a mission tonight, but unfortunately, just couldn't get on the scoresheet.
  • Using Bouma with Stajan and Jooris, as I have said since he has rejoined the team, is his best suited role. Sure, he's not scoring. Sure, that contract still gets me riled up. But he's being a helpful possession player, even if it is in a small niche area.
  • Ferland-Backlund-Jones is also a very good line.

The bad:

  • Now let's talk about the other two lines. Joe Colborne belongs nowhere near Monahan and Gaudreau. I know Jiri Hudler has been mostly ineffective, yet he could still play up to the level of his linemates (remember that around this time last season, Hudreaunahan started getting better and better)

The ugly:

  • It's also time to take Mason Raymond and Markus Granlund away from Sam Bennett. They were both 0CF% away from Bennett at evens, while hovering above 50.00CF% when he was on the ice with them.
  • Michael Frolik is still out with an injury. I miss him everyday.
Up  Next:

The Flames get the weekend off in preparation for the Sharks on Monday. They're at the bottom of the division just one point ahead of the Oilers as of publication, but this is the Pacific division so that's incredibly meaningless. Whatever, see you then.