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Rate the Flames vs Nashville

Flames stumble in the All Star break with a 2-1 loss to Nashville.

The goal scorer tonight for Calgary
The goal scorer tonight for Calgary
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Another slow start for Calgary did them in again tonight versus Nashville.

It only took Nashville 6:21 into the first to take the lead. With slow starts being a regular thing for the Flames, you'd think there'd be a push back but there wasn't one. Outshot 11-4 and down 1-0 while being at home for the first time in over a week, really isn't a nice welcome home gift for the fans.

Last year we were treated to the Find A Way Flames with so many comeback wins, but this year isn't any of the same this year. A luck lustre 40, where the Flames only generated 11 total shot, they went in the final 20 and tried to come from behind from a goal difference. It wasn't for a lack of effort in the final 20, but they couldn't get evened up.

My players of the game are Mark Giordano and Sam Bennett. Gio got the Flames on the board in the second and Sammy was more of the same as he's been for the majority of the season. Throwing his body around and generated energy, also generated scoring chances for himself and his line mates.

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