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Friday Fan Poll: Finding a Right Wing

Second edition of the Friday Fan Poll. Remember to Vote! And also comment any questions you'd like to see asked!

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Week 1 Recap: Josh Jooris was the favorite among fans last week taking over 3/4 of the votes in the healthy scratch debate. The majority of fans feel that Jooris deserves the most ice time compared to other bubble roster players and the vote total completely reflected that. Thanks to everybody who voted!

Week 2: The Search for a Winger

With the drop off the cliff in production by Jiri Hudler this season, it has been no secret that the Flames have been struggling to find a winger to pair with Sean Monahan and Johnny Gaudreau. The Flames have experimented on a rotating basis with numerous forwards holding a spot on the line for periods of time. Again though, it seems it's open for somebody.

It's a shame that we spent a large chunk of Jarome Iginla's time with the Flames looking for two top linemates, and now we're searching for a top RW for Gaudreau and Monahan.

The dismal start to the 2015-16 season matched the rough start the Flames forwards had as a whole and in particular, their top line. As losses mounted, Hudler was removed from the top line and the carousel of right wings began.

For a period of time David Jones manned that line and he played well, even leading the Flames in goals at one point earlier in the season. However his production slowed and like Hudler, he was moved. Joe Colborne has spent time on that line too but also couldn't get much going. Frolik also briefly played on that line too. It seems everybody has had their shot.

Recently, the Flames have been trying both Micheal Ferland and Sam Bennett on that top line and that may have have sparked them as they both busted slumps Monday against the Sharks. Ferland has looked like a solid fit with his strong physical play but he's also an emerging playmaker.

Perhaps if Ferland continues to blossom, we could see a modern NHL version of an enforcer (enforcer-type) player skating with a star. Meanwhile, Bennett is a tantalizing choice to create a top line that could be dominant for a decade or more if the chemistry clicks. However after Bennett's outstanding game against the Panthers (where he played with Backlund and Hudler) the time may not be right, for now.

So, this leads right into the question that's bounced around for some time now.

Who do you think is the best fit to be on the wing with Monahan and Gaudreau?

Please vote and feel free to comment any questions that you'd like to see asked. Go Flames Go!