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Rate The Flames vs. Sharks

The Flames were sunk by the Sharks in a two-point loss that hit hard. Now we want your thoughts in our game night Rate The Flames.

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

It was Canadian Forces Appreciation Night as well as an official retirement day for former Flames defenseman, Robyn Regeher, at the Saddledome today. Even though the Flames lost an important two-point game, it was still a momentous day for the franchise.

The Calgary Flames were a roller coaster of good and bad tonight as they hosted the Sharks. Sam Bennett notched his first goal in 19 games, Joe Colborne didn't have the best night, handing over the puck to the Sharks often in the first period, Dennis Wideman showed patience that paid off in a goal, and Johnny Gaudreau, well, he played as Johnny usually plays - to his best potential. In spite of the loss, there were some good plays and they did score 4 goals.

Who do you think earned the most thumbs up tonight?

Calgary Flames Players