Watch: Miikka Kiprusoff and Brendan Morrison go fishing


You all know who Miikka Kiprusoff is, of course.

Brendan Morrison, too - he was only on the Flames for a season and a half, but he put together a really good campaign with Calgary when he first came.

Anyway, both are noted fishermen - so much so that Morrison has his own show, called Sportfishing Adventures. And in the first year of Kipper's retirement, Morrison - who was out of the NHL, as well - invited him on.

This is a full 23 minute episode of the two being nerds about fishing, with some hockey talk thrown in for good measure. After all, Morrison was a Canuck for so long - they gotta keep up the rivalry jabs!

This originally aired a year ago, but has only been uploaded recently. Enjoy, because it's possibly the best thing ever,