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Flames re-sign Mark Giordano

The captain avoids free agency next summer with a spiffy six year deal.

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was a little unexpected, but the concerns of Mark Giordano potentially leaving for greener pastures appears to be avoided for now. With the six year contract set to expire when Giordano is 39, the Flames will have the luxury of his Norris-level skill on the blueline, hopefully building upon last season's success. The contract carries a value of $6.75M AAV as well, something significantly lower than initially projected earlier this summer.

Our pals at General Fanager were able to confirm that the first two years of the contract include $2M signing bonuses, an addition to many years of hometown discounts. On top of that, they were able to confirm the specifics of NTC/NMC as well:

The contract breaks down as follows:

With all the talk of revitalization of the Flames' blueline after their playoff elimination earlier this year, general manager Brad Treliving has done quite the job this summer. Adding Dougie Hamilton just before the draft, then with a superb six-year $34.5M contract was just the start of good things to come. The draft saw the team add two exception prospects: Oliver Kylington, who fell to the second-round and Rasmus Andersson, another strong defenseman.

Oh captain my captain: this past season

Earlier this offseason, we handed out report cards, and the love for the Captain's game was just as expected. It's an understatement when it comes to examining the advanced stats and impact that Giordano has on the ice.

A brief look at his WOWYs (With or Without You) chart showcases his importance and the benefit he brings to the team. A team, which was marred in lowly possession:

The bars indicate CF% at even strengh with and without Gio while the blue line indicates his CF% away from those players. As illustrated, it's clear that he is a force at driving play while on the ice. It extends beyond ES, his role on special teams is undeniable too.

The future and sensible decision making

There is logical concern of age, especially with defensemen on the wrong side of 30. Giordano has been spectacular year-after-year since he established himself as a legitimate top-pairing defenseman. Unfortunately two seasons back-to-back where injuries have derailed potential Norris trophies have been the only black marks on sterling performance. For how long he continues to be a consistent elite-level defenseman is undetermined, but for the immediate future, Calgary has secured and built a blueline of exceptional caliber.

Between Giordano's partner TJ Brodie and Hamilton, the Flames have invested a meager $17.15M into three of the best in the league. One would have to assume that Treliving's preemptive notion of dealing with things sooner than later could lead to smart, sensible contracts for Sean Monahan and Johnny Gaudreau. Both players are cornerstones of the Calgary rebuild, whom are restricted free-agents next summer.